Become a Ministry Partner

THE ANNUAL BALLPARK DAY OF FAITH has become one of the Midwest's largest celebrations of faith and family. Dozens of local parishes, schools and ministries attend our event taking advantage of the opportunity to interact with hundreds of guests. 

Each year the Day of Faith seeks to form strategic ministry partnerships with organization who can help our guests grow in faith, and benefit both ministries in our respective work. We are pleased to count the following among our partners.

•    Relevant Radio
•    EWTN
•    The Archdiocese of Milwaukee
•    Men of Christ
•    Women of Christ
•    Worldwide Marriage Encounter
•    St. Paul University Catholic Center
•    Lighthouse Catholic Media
•    Catholic Athletes for Christ
•    Wisconsin Right to Life
•    Knights of Columbus
•    The Rosary Evangelization Apostolate

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN WAYS TO HELP CATHOLICS GROW IN FAITH, please contact us to discuss ways in which the Day of Faith can help your ministry.  Our current partners and partnership programs include: volunteer and participant referrals, marketing, brand recognition, product distributions, service announcements and promotional offers, financial support, and many other unique relationships designed to benefit both organizations. 

Please email us at: