A Day of Beauty and Joy Where All Are Welcome

TWELVE YEARS AGO, two friends made plans to tailgate before a Brewers game. One invited a seminarian (a former ice hockey player studying to become a priest) who then invited his father to come along. 

Come game day, these four men sat around a Smokey Joe grill, ate brats, drank some beers, and talked about sports, family, and life in general. On occasion, the conversation dipped even deeper and we talked about stuff like faith and religion. Old friends and new, we shared in our questions about the journey of life. There was a special vibe around that fire. We didn’t know it then, but Ballpark Day of Faith was born.

Since that day, that small circle of friends has grown into an annual tradition that hosts about a thousand people. We’ve even added Sunday Mass and a choir, can you believe it? But our goal is very simple: To celebrate a day of beauty and joy where all are welcome. Nothing too heavy. But while light, it’s also possibly a little more deeper and meaningful than your average Brewers tailgater and game. 

When we gathered around that first Smokey Joe, we got to share in those burning questions of life and faith that we all carry. What we discovered is that the party can be even better when these things go together. Now, we're inviting you to join us. While we happen to be Catholic, whether you are a person of faith, little faith or no faith … all are welcome to the party. 

So bring your family. Invite a friend. On behalf of the entire team, welcome to Ballpark Day of Faith. 



Bob and Claudine Simi
Founders, Ballpark Day of Faith 

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